Sourdough has long seemed like an unobtainable goal for me on the bread front.  It seemed like a lot of work from babysitting the starter, the long rises and the scoring of the dough, etc.  Decided to try it and see if we could be successful.

The starter for the first loaf came from a freeze dried culture for the starter.  It worked great and produced a very active starter (some days it blew the lid off the jar before feeding time).

Today we decided to make a loaf and see what happened.  Turns out it is not that difficult, just takes longer than yeast raised bread, but the flavor and texture is worth it.

It has a firm, chewy, yet crisp crust and a close textured crumb with a little chew and a lot of flavor.

Thanks to lots of You tube videos on the topic we were able to execute the technique with great results on the first try.

Now we just get to play with timing and flavors to see what other results we can get from it.  Stay tuned for the next installment!

Sourdough crumb