This year it seems like we went from Summer to Winter fairly quickly. Autumn is quickly ending with the trees rushing to shed their leaves and prepare for the cold weather to come. We have returned to the wet and windy weather that comes to those of us in the Pacific Northwest. We will "enjoy" this weather until sometime in March or April.
This time of year is for enjoying the slumber of the garden as she hibernates and prepares for the next growing season.
The beauty of the multi colored leaves that stand out among the evergreen trees are georgeous this time of year.
The wildlife has all returned for the annual feedings that we provide to them. Also entertaining to watch them take a majority of the food and bury it in the yard. If only I could teach them to bury my garden seeds for me. 🙂
I encourage everyone to take this time to enjoy the slow season without gardening, harvesting, canning and the like and look for the beauty in nature. With the current pandemic our holiday celebrations may look different this year but take joy from the interactions with others even if they are through a Zoom meeting instead of around a table. We should all take this time to turn inward and enjoy the solitude while we can get it, afterall this will not last forever and what we do now will only serve to get through it faster and safer.
Take Care and Stay Safe!